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Robert J Bagnall, CEO of Maverick Cyber-Defense

Robert J Bagnall


Robert J Bagnall is the founder and CEO of Maverick Cyber-Defense - the world's premiere provider of prevention-based cyber-security to governments, VIPs, and critical infrastructure companies. With more than 25 years in government and commercial cyber-defense, Mr. Bagnall is a published cyber-defense expert, a keynote presenter at several cyber-security conferences, and has been interviewed by Wired Magazine, CNN, ABC News, Politico, and WTOP News on cyber issues. He founded Maverick in 2005 to focus on helping clients prevent cyber issues from becoming cyber events.

Adam Allen, Training & Exercise-as-a-Services (TExAAS) Lead

Adam Allen


Adam Allen leads the Training & Exercise-as-a-Services (TExAAS) line of business for Maverick Cyber-Defense. As a nationally recognized and certified expert, he supports Federal, civilian, military, and commercial clients in addressing operational security & cyber continuity planning through dynamic, cyber exercises, gaming, and learning. He has led and supported hundreds of scenario-based training and exercise activities across the public & private sectors, and critical infrastructures.

Thomas J. Lyden, Strategic Advisor

Thomas J. Lyden

Strategic Advisor

Thomas J. Lyden services as an outside advisor/chairman to the company and CEO. Mr. Lyden is a founding member of the executive team at Secure Systems Integration Corporation (SSIC) an innovative risk analytics and risk management firm. He is recognized across the cybersecurity industry with more than 20 years of senior leadership roles in sales and service delivery at firms like EY (Ernst & Young), Leidos, SAIC and startups in cyber including JAWS Inc., Vigilinx Inc. and Paradigm4.

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