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Government Solutions

Fact: Government agencies are under attack, and the solution is not more tech. Agencies need sound solutions from experts who can help solve the toughest cyber problems, not cover them up. It's not about more people, either – it’s about having the right people. Maverick has: experts who will help you get the fundamentals right, not just sell you more tech or try to put more butts in seats.

  • Seasoned cyber-defense experts
  • We solve our clients' hard cyber-defense problems
  • Exclusive cyber-defense solutions to meet your high-risk needs

VIP Services

VIPs are high-profile targets living high-risk, mobile lives – they are easy prey for competitors, cyber criminals, stalkerazzi, and opportunists – but they don't have to be. Maverick offers preventative solutions that secure a VIP's mobile lifestyle while keeping things simple. We help our VIP clients redefine their risk by reducing their exposure to it.

  • Our clients get smart cyber-security without having to become a guru.
  • Simple, effective, secure – anytime, anywhere. Security for VIPs – whether on the road or at home
  • That's the Maverick Way.