A Message From Our Founder

I began Maverick almost ten years ago because I was part of a cyber-security industry that mostly got it wrong – and still does. Everything is still focused on incident handling, signatures, and lists. Reaction. Too many big players either want to put more bodies on your contract or they want to sell you more shiny stuff. After more than ten years, I’d had enough. I knew there was a better way. So I started Maverick.

Maverick is about prevention. We focus on truly securing our clients using strong security practices based on an adversarial risk perspective. We aren't some big conglomerate where cyber-security is just another service. At Maverick, it's what we do. It's all we do.

Maverick is more than just a clever name, it's who we are. It's how we look at your risks and needs. It's why we can tailor the right solution for you – because we don't do it the same way everybody else does. Our contract is with you, our customer, and we deliver on it. Whether you need a truly effective risk assessment, a secure way to telework and travel, or protection for your Personal Brand. From Governments to VIPs, we keep our clients ahead of the threat, anytime, anywhere. We’re the security guru so you don't have to be. Cyber-security isn't a slogan, it's our job. And at Maverick, we love our job – and have fun doing it.

So whether you are a government agency or commercial company with a hard cyber problem, a VIP who needs Personal Brand Defense, or a physical security group that needs the global cyber-intelligence to defend your VIP clients, Maverick will get you there. Come talk to us and see how we're different. Then, tell us what we can do for you. You'll be pleasantly surprised. I know you will.

That's the Maverick Way. quote

Maverick Cyber Defense