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VIP Clients

You are a VIP (a corporate executive, celebrity, sports figure, or politician). Your name, face, and reputation are your Personal Brand – how you make your living.  And as a high-profile person you are under attack as never before: from competitors, cyber criminals, foreign governments, hacktivists, and opportunists seeking fame by exploiting your fame.  Maverick can help.

VIPs are high-profile targets living high-risk, mobile lives – they are easy prey for competitors, cyber criminals, stalkerazzi, and opportunists – but they don't have to be. Maverick offers preventative solutions that secure a VIP's mobile lifestyle while keeping things simple. We help our VIP clients redefine their risk by reducing their exposure to it.

  • Our clients get smart cyber-security without having to become a guru.
  • Simple, effective, secure – anytime, anywhere. Security for VIPs – whether on the road or at home
  • That's the Maverick Way.

Physical Security
& Other Partners

If you protect or serve a VIP, you know how hard it can be – and that the emergence of digital risks has made it even harder. To defend your VIP effectively, you need a digital security partner – one built from the ground up to protect the mobile, online lifestyles of VIPs.  Enhance your physical security offering or simply find your VIP the best cyber-defense available. No matter how you look at it, Maverick is the best choice.


Maverick Delivers

  • The world's premiere cyber-defense specifically designed for VIPs
  • Total protection.  Anytime.  Anywhere.
  • A suite of tools and services to support your digital lifestyle
  • Global intelligence with all the latest threats to keep you safe worldwide
  • Security gurus at your service, so you don't have to be

In short, we keep you ahead of the threat.