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Assured ID

Go Online Safely In A High-Risk World. Anytime. Anywhere. Anonymously.

Nowhere is safe online. You can be attacked from anywhere on the globe. You never know what you’re going to face, or where your threats will come from. AssuredID is your digital shield online to protect you and your critical data - anywhere, anytime. Just pop in the CD or USB and boot up. AssuredID gives you a clean, locked down OS to work online safely and stores everything using 256-bit AES encryption. Maverick’s AssuredID is designed for everyone: from people who do business around the world to their staff who must work safely at the office, to their family who wants safe access to online banking and shopping.

Use AssuredID in an Internet Cafe, a hotel business office, on your work PC or home PC. Stolen laptop? Phishing email? Need to work from a hotel PC? Slow, old work PC? It doesn’t matter - you’re safe with AssuredID.

Put your data in your pocket, not at risk. Go online anywhere safely with AssuredID.

Use AssuredID To...

  • secure any Intel PC or Mac instantly
  • bank or shop safely online
  • surf risky or new web sites safely
  • beat Malware, Spyware, & Adware
  • stop Advanced Persistent Threats
  • defeat physical keyloggers
  • safely connect to your resources from anywhere
  • go anywhere online without leaving a trace on your PC
  • use encryption & VPN security
  • give your old PC or Mac new life