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The Maverick Way: Prevent. Detect. Act.

Stay Ahead of the Threat.

At Maverick, the focus is on prevention because that’s the only way to stay ahead of the threat. 80% of security you deal with every day are entirely preventable. They exist because of poor configuration, bad practices, missing policies and enforcement, or simple user error.

We examine every aspect of your risks and vulnerabilities – from the adversary's perspective. We help identify where and how you can be exploited. Then we focus on helping you get better about your security risks before they become security incidents.

Most cyber-security companies talk cyber first. Then they try to sell you a shiny new technology. Not Maverick. We know that no amount of technology will fix user error or bad processes. Technology is only as good as its configuration – garbage in, garbage out. From our patent-pending SPF Cyber-Risk Assessment method to our AssuredID secured access to our expert SMEs, Maverick is the security guru so you don't have to be. We make you proactive. We keep you ahead of the threat.

That's the Maverick Way.