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AssuredID, Maverick's Secure LiveOS is now available. If you need a secure, non-persistent way to stay safe online, AssuredID is your answer. AssuredID gives you all the functionality of your regular desktop, but without the malware and hacking risks! Use AssuredID for all your high-risk online needs, like shopping, banking, and surfing.

"Our clients require a higher level of security online. Today's common operating systems are just not good enough. To stay ahead of the threat online, you need AssuredID."

Just plug in the USB, boot up, and go. It's that easy to stay safe online.

Contact your Maverick Personal Cyber-security Concierge to get your copy of AssuredID today!

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Maverick Cyber-Defense Joins Car-hacking Effort

Maverick recently won work with the Federal Government as part of a team investigating and mitigating digital threats to automobiles.

"We are very pleased to be part of this team," Maverick CEO Robert Bagnall stated. "The threat to vehicle automation is much more real than many people know. Vehicle manufacturers are not required to put costly and time-consuming security measures in place. So to protect the bottom line, they don't. This contract gives Maverick the opportunity to keep our clients ahead of the threat behind the wheel too."

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Tip of the Day

Know the Hidden Risks.

Recently, subscribers to Forbes received a special edition of the magazine with a unique insert: a fully functional PC. The PC, although no bigger than a cigarette pack, came with all the capabilities of a regular PC - including WIFI.

While this may seem innocuous enough, allowing a fully-functional PC to sit in a CEO's office provides a simple method for stealing intellectual property and corporate secrets. Many government agencies received the magazine with the insert as well. The device came not only with an SD Card slot, but it was also possible to remotely access or otherwise interface with the PC.

Clients should always be on the lookout for potential risks to their enterprise, their IP, and their people.