Continuous Validation

Maverick Continuous Validation services provide constant risk assessment and dynamic course correction to keep you ahead of the threat

Maverick knows that 80% of your cyber security problem is not cyber: it’s poor configuration, bad practices, an uneducated workforce, and a lack of enforcement. Maverick’s Continuous Validation services begin with our proprietary cyber risk assessment, the SPF. We review not only your current security programs, but also your environment, infrastructure, users, and business operations. Once we have helped you identify and prevent the 80%, Maverick helps tune your existing cyber infrastructure to focus on the 20% that remains - which is where your real cyber risks lurk.

Maverick’s SPF Risk Assessment

The SPF Risk Assessment examines your organization and security from a cyber criminal’s perspective. We integrate your brand and digital footprint into our research, identify your vulnerabilities, and provide a direct roadmap to strengthen your cyber security posture.

A strong risk assessment begins by examining location-based risks, business continuity practices, remote access standards, and disaster recovery plans. At Maverick, we start each assessment by working from the outside -- because that’s where the bad guys begin.

Next, we examine your infrastructure, network connections, and system configurations, because those are the first avenues your adversary will try to exploit. Knowing your network architecture is essential since it is the foundation of your defense.

Maverick examines your policies, security training and awareness programs, access controls, and acceptable use to ensure your staff are accountable for their actions and able to recognize modern-day cyber threats.

Only by building a framework of well-defined rules where every user understands their roles and responsibilities can you stay ahead of the threat. We examine your policies, procedures, configurations, and internal relationships for errors and omissions that may expose you to risks.

Most cyber security firms look at your security program first, but Maverick examines it last. Experience has taught us that most of the security issues we find will not be based on the need for more shiny tools, and that security is only as effective as the foundation it’s built upon.


Through comprehensive security assessments, we uncover preventable risks and help you mitigate them


We constantly validate your security and remediate issues with dynamic course corrections in your security


We ensure your security through recurring exercises, training, & awareness with our TEXAAS solutions

Total Security

Maverick’s Continuous Validation services focus on each client’s unique conditions and requirements. We constantly remediate risks and help them thwart emerging threats with a prevention-based approach. That’s how we keep our clients safe from malicious cyber attacks -- the Maverick Way.