CERT\SOC operations, cyber threat intelligence, cyber-security analysis, and preventative security guidance

Maverick Cyber Operations services are based on prevention. Whether performing 24x7 incident analysis, producing cyber threat intelligence, or performing expert configuration management, Maverick mitigates the majority of our clients’ vulnerabilities and threats before security events occur. Maverick prevention reduces risk and focuses limited resources on countering issues which cannot be prevented.


Prevent the majority of security issues to proactively mitigate preventable attacks


Detect the security issues you cannot prevent so that you can act swiftly to remediate risks


Act on emerging threats and quickly remediate them using sound business and operational continuity planning

We Turn Cyber Information Into Cyber Intelligence

Maverick’s Cyber Operations services provide prevention-based design, staffing, and operation of CERTs and SOCs for governments and commercial companies. We collect and collate cyber security information from hundreds of sources, and provide the context for your environment necessary to turn them into cyber intelligence that helps you stay ahead of the evolving threats.