Training & Exercises as a Service

Comprehensive training & exercise programs that educate your workforce, practice your processes, and validate your operations

Maverick’s online security awareness training programs address the largest security risk of any organization: the people. With 91% of cyber attacks today coming from email, an educated workforce is your best line of defense. We’ve created an extensive training program, delivered daily to all our clients’ personnel via their mobile devices and email.

Maverick cyber and operations exercises train your workforce while verifying the validity of your operations and continuity in a constantly-changing cyber world. TEXAAS is your key to keeping your people and operations ahead of the changing threat landscape by verifying your operations are sound before the bad guys do it for you.


Set up online training sessions, accessible from anywhere, any time


Improve your staff’s ability to recognize today’s cyber threats before they fall victim to them


Provide the education necessary to make your workforce part of your security solution and to allow you to weed out repeat offenders and malicious insiders

Make Your People Your Most Important Asset Instead of Your Biggest Liability

Recurring security awareness training programs are required by every federal regulation, yet many organizations fail to conduct them due to the hassles and cost restrictions. Maverick’s training programs are comprehensive, cost-effective, and guaranteed to significantly increase your employees’ awareness of cyber risks.